August 16, 2018

GEM Glossary: Vitamin B12 Benefits

Vitamin B12: The Energizer

We all know the B vitamins, but how much do we really know about them and their benefits? Look no further for the 101 on one of the key players in the B family: vitamin B12, an essential for our bodies.

👊🏻Need more energy? She’s there.

💻Have a million things on your plate for work? She’s got your back.

🌿Vegan and can’t get B12 in your diet? Here’s your answer.

Sources 🌎

Most commonly, vitamin B12 can be found in animal products like fish, meat, eggs, milk products, and more. But what if you’re vegan or vegetarian?

Unless you include lots of fortified foods (like cereal) in your diet, it can be hard for someone who doesn’t eat animal products to get enough vitamin B12. Most plant foods are not high in this essential, so many turn to supplements to get their share.  

At GEM, we take a different approach. Supplements have their place but research has shown that B12 from real food is absorbed better by the body than through artificial means (1). That’s why we have put special emphasis on including a real food source of B12 into every bite of GEM.  

Benefits 👍🏻

Brain Function 🙆🏻

One of vitamin B12’s key benefits is helping our memory, concentration, and all that other important stuff that keeps our brain on fire.

How you ask? Well, it plays a key role in maintaining sheaths that protect nerves in systems like the central and peripheral nervous system. This is what guarantees a quick nerve-impulse transmission, and this is what results in an action!

Many studies have looked into vitamin B12’s role in our brain. One study found that vitamin B12 had a positive effect on some measures of memory performance, like speed of processing, recall and recognition, and verbal ability for many women (2).

Energy Enhancer 💃🏻

Vitamin B12 is one of eight B vitamins that can transfer the food we eat to glucose. In other words, it gives us energy. It’s not like a quick jolt of energy from coffee in the morning - rather it reduces our feelings of fatigue & weakness, making us feel more alive.

Why for Womankind 🙋🏻

Many people get their daily requirement of B12 naturally.  GEM is keeping an eye out for the women who might be missing out due to their diet or lifestyle, especially these groups:

Vegans/Vegetarians 🌱

GEM is a vegan product. We’re especially mindful of vegans and vegetarians who might not be getting the benefits they need from this essential vitamin -- and that’s why GEM’s vitamin B12 is sourced from fermented quinoa.

Older Adults 👵🏼

Atrophic gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach which affects 10-30% of older adults (3). This chronic disease directly decreases the absorption of vitamin B12 and doctors recommend supplements and fortified foods as the best way to ensure getting your daily dose of B12.

Alcohol 🍷

You’re busy. You’re driven. You’re also allowed to enjoy yourself. The downside is how alcohol can affect our ability to absorb vitamin B12. One study found that even among healthy, well-nourished, postmenopausal women, moderate alcohol intake can have an impact (4). GEM wants you to enjoy your wine nights with your BFFs guilt-free.

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