June 25, 2020

How is GEM different from a traditional multivitamin?

When you think of a multivitamin, pills and capsules likely come to mind. However, whole foods were nature’s first multivitamin, long before the concept of vitamins was even discovered.

Think about it—an apple is perfectly packaged with micro and macronutrients in a delicious, edible form. So why is it that we’ve taken something that already exists in nature, developed a synthetic and isolated version of it, and packaged it in a form that didn’t exist before the 1930s?

GEM is a real food vitamin, rooted in nature and backed by science, and built out of our disillusionment with the modern vitamin and supplement industry. We ditched capsules and pills to nourish our bodies with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the earth. We employed a food-first, nonsense free, holistic philosophy that delivers nutrition the way it should be: straight from the source. 

What are plant-based vitamins? 

Simply put, they’re vitamins made from vegan ingredients, with zero animal products included, so they are completely vegan vitamins

Plant-based vitamins differ from standard vitamins in that they incorporate nutrient-dense whole food ingredients such as herbs, spices, and adaptogens. Function-specific vitamins (such as sleep, immunity, or stress) might include ingredients such as ashwagandha for stress, valerian for sleep, or turmeric for inflammation, or reishi for anxiety. In general, plant-based supplements provide your daily nutrition in a cleaner, better-for-you form. 

Just be careful when shopping for a plant-based vitamin or supplement and always read the label. Ideally, opt for choices that are made 100% from real whole foods. Otherwise, be sure to only choose options that are listed as 100% natural. Labels can be confusing, and supplements are allowed to deem themselves “natural” as long as 10% of the ingredients are from natural sources, meaning the remaining 90% can be synthetic. 


What are synthetic vitamins?

Synthetic vitamins are likely what you picture when you think of the standard multivitamin. 

Synthetic vitamins are different from plant-based vitamins because they’re made in a lab and are manufactured to have the same chemical composition as the vitamin found in true form. Manufacturers often lean toward synthetic vitamins because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture. Unfortunately, for consumers, most synthetic vitamins contain harmful ingredients such as artificial ingredients, chemicals, added sugar, GMOs, or common allergens like soy, corn, and gluten. Due to confusing supplement labels, these dangerous ingredients often slip by unnoticed by the user.

How GEM is Different

GEM was designed under a food-first philosophy, simply because it results in the most effective nutritional practices for our body. The human body was designed to eat a colorful array of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes—not a megadose of synthetic or isolated ingredients. By eating real food, you’re increasing nutrient bioavailability (the proportion of a nutrient that is absorbed and utilized by the body) and getting a perfectly packaged array of nutrients, cofactors, co-nutrients, and other phytonutrient essentials that work synergistically to do so much for your body.

GEM delivers your daily nutrient essentials straight from the source: real food. We believe in nourishing our body with only the best, which is why you’ll find no artificial fillers, binders, or other unnecessary ingredients in GEM. But just because something comes from food doesn’t mean our body always agrees with it. We addressed the top allergens and diet preferences to ensure there is no added sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, or animal products in any of our bites.

Reductionism has its time and place, but not when it comes to whole-body health. We believe in a holistic approach to nutrition—one that views the human body as a complex network of interconnected systems, and food as its dynamic counterpart. We’re here to connect the pieces of the puzzle and deliver nutrition in its most comprehensive form.

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