May 17, 2018

How We Built GEM Better for Your Body & Our Earth

We only get to live in one body and one earth. We must take care of them, nourish them, and strengthen them, together.

We believe taking care of your body is the most important feeling in the world, because when you’re healthy and strong and nutritionally balanced, you feel good. But we also believe the products that make us feel good shouldn’t turn around and hurt the planet we love.

Vitamins – what should be a tiny, simple daily health habit – have become a big toxin for both our bodies and our environment.

That’s why we’re designing a new kind of vitamins that is both healthier for womankind and our planet. If you think we’re missing out on something big, let us know! We want to do all we can. 🌎

No Pill Capsule 🙅🏼💊

We believe the future of vegan vitamins is real food.

In the US alone, 90% of the $14 billion vitamin and supplement market is made up of purely synthetic vitamins. We’re not saying we’re perfect or all synthetics are harmful, but the vast majority of these synthetic capsules are filled with toxic additives and undergo a multitude of harsh chemical processing that doesn’t do your body or our earth any favors.

So we turned our back on processes that big companies use for manufacturing efficiency and instead opted for minimally processed whole plants. Just imagine the impact on your body and our earth with a little more real and a little less fake.

Plant Based Ingredients 🌿

The fact of the matter is using plant-based ingredients is simply better for our planet. One study looked at the differences between the impacts of a vegetarian diet and one that is non-vegetarian. They found that the non-vegetarian diet required 2.9x more water, 2.5x more primary energy, 13x more fertilizer, and 1.4x more pesticides than a vegetarian diet.  (Ooof.)

That’s why we made Gem from 13 whole plant vegan sources.

Fewer Ingredients 🙌🏼

We believe more is not always better. Adding more things – more additives, more sugar, more fillers, more toxins, more preservatives – to your vitamins not only takes a toll on your body, but our earth too. Remember it takes energy to make all that extra stuff. The result is a tiny capsule with a big environmental footprint.

All that extra baggage adds up on you and on the environment which is why when we were designing GEM we used only 13 whole plants that provided just the essentials women need most – no more, no less.

Full of Algae🌱

UN & NASA endorsed algae as the healthiest food on the planet. We think so too which is why more than 30% of GEM is made up of algae sources.

Algae is considered a superfood for our bodies because one gram can give you almost every single vitamin & mineral – it’s equivalent to one kilogram of fruits & veggies! But, it’s also a carbon neutral (eco-positive) food system, and here are a few reasons why:

  • It can grow almost anywhere (even polluted water) and at an extremely fast rate. In a world of dwindling resources, algae is coming to save the day.
  • Algae is a photosynthetic organism, meaning it converts carbon dioxide and water into energy using sunlight. This also reduces greenhouse gases!
  • It could help end deforestation by replacing soy protein in livestock and poultry feed.

Ethical Supply Chain ✅♻️💚

The purity and quality of what goes into each GEM means everything to us. We’re never going to claim perfection, but we obsess over finding the environmentally ethical sources of ingredients. We strive to find green suppliers who match our values. We want to work with companies who put the environment and helping others first, just like we do.

For example, we chose to work with our spirulina supplier for their mindful approach to production, environmental efforts, and socially conscious work with smallholder farmers across Thailand and Africa. Our supplier developed a proprietary algae production system that helps maximize production with minimal resources (meaning less space and energy) while also minimizing contamination and waste. Their farming technique allows spirulina to be produced virtually anywhere – on rooftops, farms, indoor or outdoor – which has not only reduces the carbon footprint of large-scale farming but also provides a viable way for smallholder farmers to diversify their income or enrichen their diets.  

Image by the Russian weather satellite Elektro-L No.1

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