May 11, 2022

Same-ish Product, Fresh New Look!

At GEM, we believe health is a horizon, not a destination. We believe wellness is the pursuit of feeling good and enjoying it, one delightful bite of nourishment at a time.

Nourishment doesn’t fit in a pill. Diets, fads, powders, and cleanses operate out of scarcity. I tried it all – I cobbled together regimens to fix issues of fatigue, sluggish metabolism, and inflammation that left me feeling irritable, restricted, and worse-hungry. I was exhausted by the stereotypical trends barking “don’t do this, don’t eat that.”

My quest to find health left me feeling depleted and... horrible. Squeezing into unrealistic and unpalatable wellness schemes allowed me to realize - health isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey. All of our bodies are different, but we share the common thread of needing real food nourishment. We deserve whole body support. We deserve nutrient dense food that makes us feel as good as it tastes. At GEM, we call this self-health. It’s deciding what works best for us and leaning into the delicious and pleasurable experience of caring for our bodies.

With the combination of advanced scientific research and the unrivaled wisdom of sustainable plant based foods, I created GEM to be your nutritional companion and consistent morsel of joy along the way.

GEM is always looking for new ways to improve and evolve. I’m thrilled to announce some exciting updates to the GEM Bite and experience.


New Flavors

With flavor, we say the more the merrier! We’re welcoming in a new and enhanced flavor for our daily essential GEM Bite: Lemon Raspberry. Mix and match with our existing options for the full flavor experience or pick the yummiest for your subscription.

We also improved our existing flavors with a coating on the outside of the bites, especially on peppermint. This way you won't have a sticky summer time bite or one that has mushed together with another bite.


New Packaging

Life’s too short for stale or boring. You deserve fresh and exciting. Now in weekly packs, your bites will stay fresher and easier to take on the go with our new resealable packaging.

Here’s to enjoying wellness. Here’s to allowing food to nourish us and letting it guide us as our north star. And here’s to you–whatever path you’re on, GEM will nourish you along the way.

xSara Cullen, Founder & CEO

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