May 06, 2021

What is Kaleidoscopic Health? (And how can I achieve it?)

ka·​lei·​do·​scope | \ kə-ˈlī-də-ˌskōp [noun]: A collection of diverse elements

At GEM, when we talk about the term kaleidoscopic health, we are essentially introducing a different way of thinking about your whole body health, and the way you approach it. 

Our philosophy is rooted in a multifaceted ecosystem made up of scientists, doctors, and researchers across integrative and functional medicine, neurology, molecular biology, nutrition and, of course - food. This is our broad-spectrum approach - i.e. encompassing a wide range of material - to acquiring knowledge, science, and ingredients that synergistically work together within what we call kaleidoscopic health1. Through this new innovation, we’ve been able to create our daily vitamins that support superior health and wellness.

The Science Bit

Understanding our kaleidoscopic health from a scientific viewpoint is key to knowing how we can achieve holistic, whole body health. Our GEM science board works across a variety of mediums to guide and enhance our knowledge, so we can provide 360 degree whole-body nourishment that benefits all bodies, at a cellular level.2

Much like intentional eating, whole-body nourishment is a mindset that can be difficult to explain. To simplify - when you tune in to what you are putting into your body and in turn, how your body reacts to these combinations, you can start to understand why a whole-food, nutrient-dense approach to your diet is key. Moreover, when we go that extra step, like GEM, to combine functional, symbiotic ingredients that work together - we can tangibly experience a brand new way of nourishing our bodies to support whole body health and wellness.

Functional Nutrition

A term that is gaining more notoriety, functional nutrition is the idea that what we put into our bodies has a direct effect on our whole body health. So, let’s say you are suffering with some digestion issues e.g. bloating after eating, indigestion, irregular bowel movements - we could probably assume from your symptoms that you are experiencing typical signs of IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome]. Commonly in the medical world, you would be prescribed medication to help your digestive system and perhaps be informed to take an antacid before/after eating. When we look at these symptoms from a functional nutrition standpoint, however, we can realign our diets to serve us, rather than having to take added medication that really just masks the issue/s. Functional nutrition is about honoring what you put into your body, and approaching your diet in a 360, kaleidoscopic manner.

Functional + Integrative Medicine

The idea of functional nutrition is actually a key component of both functional + integrative medicine. It is essentially an holistic approach to health, looking at the root causes of medical issues and taking into account the patient's whole lifestyle, treating the person and not just the symptoms. While both mediums are individual-focused, there are some differences. Integrative medicine utilizes a combination of lifestyle and dietary recommendations to enhance and ultimately change the patient’s kaleidoscopic health, by implementing exercise regimens and whole food, nutritional plans that benefit that patient. Functional medicine encompasses this approach too, however it also goes deeper for a person - identifying the root cause of the patient's medical needs, and understanding any underlying issues that relate to it. Really working as a partnership to realise a kaleidoscopic approach to whole body health.

Food Synergy + Molecular Biology

Let’s face it, molecular biology can be a bit of a tricky subject to approach. This is why we look at it with a nutritional perspective. In straightforward terms, molecular biology is the study of composition, structure and the interactions of cellular molecules, and how they are processed within our key bodily functions. 

Now, let's look at that in real food terms. When we pick up an apple, we see just that - an apple. But if we look at what is really going into our body from that one piece of fruit we can begin to understand how food synergy affects our whole body health. With essential vitamins like potassium and vitamin c, apples also provide pectin which is an insoluble and soluble fiber that feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut. Rich in antioxidants, they can also act as a natural blood sugar leveller and an anti-inflammatory support. Food synergy is simply the ability to obtain the full spectrum of nutrition from the real foods we ingest, making them work together to reap the health benefits to support our body. Taking that one step further is what we call nutrient synergies. That is where we combine a group of real food ingredients that contain key vitamins and minerals that actually work in harmony with each other, resulting in better absorption and improved health.

The Healthy Link Between Body And Mind

When it comes to nutrition and whole body health, changing our mindset is where we can struggle. There can be real fear around adapting a brand new habit, and one that is so intrinsically linked to our mood and happiness, like food, is sometimes what stops us from making these beneficial changes for good. 

Here are some simple things to remember when exploring your self-health journey:

  • Make it work for you This is a personal plan that is unique to you, so don’t think that there’s a one size fits all approach to this. Take some space, in the right mindset, to implement some small changes and short term goals.
  • Experiment You might be a breakfast and dinner eater, and forgo lunch. That's fine. But when following a new, more nutritional whole food diet this may need to alter. You might need to start eating more often, in smaller amounts. However you feel at your healthiest and happiest is entirely your choice.
  • Practice makes perfect None of us adopts a new challenge or habit and is immediately happy and/or perfect at it. It just doesn’t happen. So be kind and reward yourself for sticking at it. Maybe try some daily positive affirmations to help you reach those goals.

When we start to make the link between how we feel mentally and what is happening in our body, our kaleidoscopic health approach starts to make sense! While the kaleidoscopic health term is all-encompassing, it is also unique to you. As long as you understand the overall idea and what it is you are trying to achieve, you can personalise your own kaleidoscopic health journey to suit you. 

Sustainability + GEM

A key facet of kaleidoscopic health is the knowledge of where our nutrition comes from, honoring that process, and understanding how we as humans can support these resources.

Planetary health + sustainability

At GEM, we take a multi-faceted approach to the ingredients and packaging we use for our products, that considers both human and planetary health. Using non-GMO, organic and sustainable sources for our real-food formulas means we can support the impact on our environment while supporting each individual at a cellular level. Supporting organic and sustainable farming methods, whenever possible, and taking a plant-forward path we can minimize our effect on the environment while still nourishing our bodies with the real benefits that plants can provide. One of the key sustainable ingredients we use is algae. One of earth’s oldest and most nutritionally dense natural aquatic plants, algae is arguably a vital source for not only mankind's health, but also the planet’s 3. Producing up to half of the world’s oxygen, its vast growth requires minimal resources. A carbon negative future powerhouse, it is the reason we include it in all of our GEM bites, following our philosophy - what’s good for you, is good for the planet.

Why is kaleidoscopic health important?

Educating ourselves on the connection between scientific and medical knowledge - and how our body’s ecosystem works in relation to the planet's ecosystem - is fundamentally what we mean by kaleidoscopic health.When we take a holistic view of our unique impact on mind, body, health + planet, we can support the future of humankind health in our interconnected ecosystem. We believe in the constant investigation and exploration within, to discover the science and nutrients that help you feel your best inside and out.

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