November 05, 2019

Why It's Tough To Build Healthy Habits

At GEM we want you to nourish differently, starting with your daily health habits. We created a holistic, multivitamin alternative crafted from 100% plant-based foods, that feels like a snack, rather than a mouthful of chalky pills and plastic capsules. Why? Because a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable.

If you're reading this, chances are you're on your own wellness journey. Whether you're a health junkie looking to switch up your routine, or a newbie taking your first steps to a healthy lifestyle -- GEM is here for you.

Many of us make resolutions we don't keep:
  • Starting tomorrow I'm exercising 5 times a week!
  • This is the year I'm going vegan!
  • No dairy, carbs or sugar--ever again!

Sound familiar? 

While setting goals is important, they need to be backed with intention; willpower and discipline aren't enough if you do not truly believe in your journey.

Humans crave instant gratification. Why? You can thank our ancestors for that--in the Stone Age our brains were wired to release dopamine when we encountered anything that helped keep us alive. Fast forward to today, and our wiring is the same, and everything that stimulated this sense of reward is now available without limit. 

This can feel a bit disheartening, and you might find that you are asking yourself, "How am I supposed to combat the wiring of my own brain?"

That's where The Habit Loop comes in.

Meet the 3 R's of habit-forming:

  1. What's your true motivation? (reminder)
  2. What habit do you want to form/end? (routine)
  3. What is the positive result of accomplishing this goal? (reward)

Now, let's look at each more closely in relation to GEM:

This can be anything that triggers the habit. Reminders or cues are usually things like an action, location, a time of day, or visual aid. If you make coffee at home every morning, that could be your cue to bite down on your GEM. More of a night owl? Enjoy your bites with your nightly cup of tea (added bonus: th magnesium in our bites are great to feel relaxed before bed!)

Here's an easy one. Your routine is the actual habit you are trying to form. Through repetition, a habit can occur. GEM makes it easy to form a routine by delivering your bites to your doorstep on your preferred schedule.

You were triggered by your reminder, you started your routine and now you are rewarded--woohoo! The reward helps your brain remember that the previous steps were worth. Your reward can be tangible (a sweet treat, new workout clothes, a massage) or intangible (weight loss, better skin, mental clarity).

Don't overload yourself with too much change too quickly. Remember that habit-forming is a journey. It is easy to become deterred when you hit roadblocks or forget to stick to your routine. Instead of trying harder, back your goals with intention and develop a plan that you can stick to.

You have the power to change your routine, create healthy habits, and ultimately transform your life. Take time to identify your reminders, routines, and rewards, and pretty soon you'll be feeling your best self...and we'll be here every step of the way!

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