Who We Are

We're GEM, a community of curious humans that invented the first ever real food vitamin. The supplement industry is outdated and archaic rooted in diet this and diet that. It's time for a change. Join us in our mission to build a new category of nutrition, one rooted in optimism and built under the philosophy that food is medicine.

What Does It Mean To Be A GEM Partner?


Early access to new products + exclusive discounts


Having a big impact on the health of your community + planet.


Receive commissions in cash while you help others be their healthiest self.

Invest In Your (and Their) Health

Ambassadors start as big fans and grow to be our biggest advocates. It’s important to us that you genuinely believe in GEM and get a working knowledge of our full product suite. We offer our First Bite Kit at an exclusively discounted price for all Ambassadors to try. The total investment to join our program is $25–a small fraction of your earning potential as an advocate. (One-Time Purchase)


Daily Essentials

Immunity + Gut Support


Calm Essentials

Mood + Stress Support


Sleep Essentials

Non-drowsy Sleep Support


Travel Tin

Comfortably holds 8 bites

Daily Essentials Citrus Ginger
Daily Essentials Cacao
Daily Essentials Lemon Raspberry
Daily Essentials Peppermint
Sleep Essentials
Calm Essentials

How It Works

Get a Taste

Try the First Bite Kit at cost to get acquainted with our full product suite. Once you’ve tried GEM, you’ll be officially invited to join the program.

Sell Wherever, Whenever

No warehousing or living in boxes, sell from anywhere in the U.S (plus shipping's on us). New customers that you refer receive 50% off of their first purchase. Work on your own time, with your own community.

Easy Digital Tools

Access multiple tools to help you succeed as an Ambassador, and once your payment method is set up, your earned commission will be paid weekly. We're here to help and support you each step of the way.


How much can I earn?

You will get $40 cash for every person who signs up with your ambassador code and they will get 50% off their first GEM purchase.

How do I start?

Once you’ve tried GEM’s First Bite Kit, you’ll be invited to join the program and can begin sharing your discount code with friends and family.

Do I need to purchase anything?

The total investment to join our program is $25–a small fraction of your earning potential as an advocate.

Place an order to try GEM’s most popular products here.

Who can I contact for help?

Feel free to reach out to our team at ambassadors@dailygem.com

Can I refer myself?

No, it is against the rules to use your own code to receive the $40 commission. We will not approve your commission if we discover this is being done, and your status as an ambassador will be reviewed.