Eat your vitaminsbecause food can't fit in a pill

Try 15 days on us, and then let's talk:

Vitamins you can bite means nutrients you can actually absorb. Your daily dose of real stuff.


Nutrients coming in real food form with co-nutrients for optimized absorption.

Free of gluten, soy, nuts, dairy, added sugar, and animal products.

Tough-to-get nutrients that naturally fight inflammation and promote balance.

Pills & capsules featuring poorly absorbed isolated & synthetic nutrients.

Inflammatory & hidden allergens, animal products, and toxic ingredients.

Ineffective megadoses that overwhelm the body’s systems.

Feeling good
feels good.

It's not rocket science.
It's actually nutritional science.

Our philosophy: Food is medicine.

Food today is over-farmed, over-processed, and starved of its nutrient potential. The band-aid solutions out there just don’t measure up.

That’s why we designed GEM: real food, nutrient-dense bites that are whole, never refined, and deeply nourishing on a cellular level. GEM is your daily health companion— transparent, sustainable, and 100% real. By nourishing with sustainable, plant-based ingredients, we're transforming the health of our community and our planet.

Helping you feel your best is better health for all.

A bite for what you need, when you need it

Energy + Balance Essentials

Our reimagined multi. 15+ vitamins, minerals and superfoods for total mind + body wellness.

Gut + Skin Essentials

Probiotics, turmeric, vitamin D, zinc + more all in one citrus ginger chewable bite to support gut, skin, and immune health.

Nightly Mood Essentials

Non-melatonin (meaning non-habit forming) nightly bites filled with nutrients to support mood, stress, and a restorative sleep.