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Join GEM Texts - your wellness friend 👋

You’re already taking your GEM bites, now let us share some links to support your wellness journey! We’ll be sharing recipes, short videos, podcast episodes, and other thoughtful links to help you stack healthy habits (and have some fun) with GEM.


How much does this program cost?

This is our gift to you for being a GEM member, no additional cost. 🎁

What should I expect?

You’ll receive a text from us at 10am your local time with either a daily or weekly inspo based on the frequency you initially selected.

Can I text you back?

YES, feel free to respond with any testimonials or feedback. Note, it may take 24 hours to hear back from us, because it’s a real person responding. 😊

Can I change the timing of your texts?

No, for now, we can only offer 10am morning text for all. However, we’re exploring a larger initiative around this text program, so let us know if there’s a better time for you.

What if I want to stop?

Just text us back “STOP” and you’ll automatically be removed from future text communications.

How long will I receive check-ins from GEM?

GEM Texts will run for 28 days. Contact us if you would like to re-enter for another month of programming or share feedback on how we could improve GEM Texts.
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