Daily Nutrition in One Bite

Nourish differently with 15+ superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in one whole food bite.

  • 28-day supply of bites
  • Free storage container
  • Delivered to your door
  • Free travel pouch
  • Monthly supply of bites
  • Free travel pouch
  • Free storage container
  • Delivered to your door

GEM vs. Them

Pills & capsules are filled with inflammatory ingredients that do more harm than healing. GEM is your daily dose of whole food nutrients that your body can actually absorb.

  • Real food for optimal absorption
  • All your daily nutrients in a single bite
  • No animal products, gluten, GMOs, or soy
  • Tough-to-get nutrients that fight inflammation and promote balance
  • Synthetics and fillers we can't absorb
  • Multiple pills to meet daily requirements
  • Megadoses that our body doesn't need
  • Inflammatory allergens, sugars, animal products, and toxic ingredients
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Real Food Wins

Daily Essentials Nutrition Facts
Multivitamin 18+ for Men & Women
Required Dose
1 GEM Bite / Day
2 Pills / Day
Flavor Profile
Cacao, Citrus Ginger, and Lemon Raspberry Flavors
Mint Essenced
15+ Essential Vitamins
Whole Food Sourced Ingredients
No Synthetic Vitamins
Real Food Absorption

Why Real Food, Plant Based Vitamins?

While synthetic vitamins like Ritual and other standard multivitamin pills are nearly identical in structure to vitamins in their natural form, they lack the critical cofactors, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are naturally present in whole foods.

It's these compounds that can help enable our body to effectively utilize nutrients found in real food. Known as food synergy, nutrients from food are absorbed together, and work synergistically to produce balanced health benefits that far exceed the merits of a nutrient on its own.

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