Natural Remedies For Your Everyday Nutritional Needs

Natural Remedies For Your Everyday Nutritional Needs

Discover our new product line built to promote whole body health with each chewable bite.

Meet The Lineup

Sleep Essentials

For deep & restful sleep
Chocolate Cherry
One bite nightly or as needed

Immunity Essentials

For keeping sick days at bay
Turmeric Ginger Citrus
One bite daily or as needed

Daily Essentials

For filling the gaps in your diet
Cacao, Lemon, Peppermint
One bite daily

Holistic Solutions for the Whole You

Achieve whole body health with our nutrient-dense, real food bites.

Immunity Essentials Sleep Essentials Daily Essentials

On A Mission To Help You Feel Your Best

Food First

We believe our medicine cabinet should look a lot like our pantry—filled with nutrient-dense real foods that heal on a cellular level.

Science + Nature

We bring together multidisciplinary scientific fields for a holistic approach to wellness.

360° Health

Our products are designed to target your specific needs while also uniquely crafted to work symbiotically to nourish the whole you.

From Our Founder

“You may think of GEM as a supplement, but it’s much more than that. GEM is your daily health companion— transparent, sustainable, and 100% real food.”

- Sara Cullen

Complete Your Self-Health System

Complete Your Self-Health System