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At GEM, we believe that Food is Medicine. So, we created a 100% plant based real-food MultiBITE to fill the gaps in your diet. We also believe that healthy habits are holistic, rather than isolated. So, we teamed up with YogaWorks to give you a free month of movement with your GEM subscription.

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Our Product: Made from Real Food

GEM is made from real food because nutrients from real foods work better together and activate more fully in your body than isolated supplements like those found in gummies, pills, or powders.

Our Point of View: Nature + Science

We call it Kaleidoscopic Health. GEM combines different facets of advanced scientific research with the unrivaled wisdom of sustainable plant-based foods to create something unique, like a beautiful gemstone.

Our Philosophy: Human + Planetary Health

Our commitment to sustainability is through organic and sustainably farmed ingredients, no single-use plastic, and an ongoing commitment to support a carbon-neutral, eco-positive food system.


Thoughtful Teaching

Although we embrace diverse yoga styles, each of our classes shares a common theme—an excellence in teaching that has upheld YogaWorks as the gold standard of yoga studios.

The majority of our teachers have completed a minimum of 500 hours of Yoga Alliance approved curriculum, and many of our senior teachers have honed their craft for at least 20 years. We place a strong emphasis on thoughtful sequencing and always offer modifications so you can customize your practice along the way.

GEM - Frequently Asked Questions

How Is GEM Different than Other Vitamins?

GEM Bites are made of 100% real food, because it results in the most effective nutritional practices for our body. The human body was designed to eat a colorful array of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes—not a megadose of synthetic or isolated ingredients. By eating real food, you’re increasing nutrient bioavailability (the proportion of a nutrient that is absorbed and utilized by the body) and getting a perfectly packaged array of nutrients.

Where is GEM Made?

GEM is made in the USA from globally sourced ingredients.

YogaWorks - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is YogaWorks?

YogaWorks is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience providing a dynamic mix of yoga styles under one roof. We've brought that experience to our connected world via our online studio. The best teachers and most popular styles of yoga are more accessible than ever. It's never been easier to start, deepen, or renew your practice and become your best self.

What is On Demand?

On-Demand is an extensive library of thousands of pre-recorded videos that feature the widest range of yoga styles for students with little to no experience and advanced students alike. With classes ranging from 5 to 90 minutes, there is a class that fits even the most demanding of schedules.

How much does YogaWorks cost?

YogaWorks’ On-Demand subscription is $19 a month and includes access to the entirety of our pre-recorded library. The On-Demand annual membership is the best value and costs $149 annually for 35% in savings over the monthly subscription.

How Does the Free Trial Work?

When you subscribe to YogaWorks, you get the first 14 days for free. Your credit card will be charged 14 days after you subscribe.

Where Can I Practice with YogaWorks?

With YogaWorks, you can learn yoga and improve your wellbeing, anywhere, including on your smartphone, personal computer, and casting onto your smart television

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