Single Bite Flavor Trial

Vegan / Gluten-Free / Soy-Free / Whole Food

What It Is: An opportunity to taste test every GEM Bite.

What It Includes: 5 individually wrapped single GEM Bites in each of our distinct flavors with free gift of a reusable mesh pouch.

How It Works: 2 weeks after your trial order delivers, you’ll be upgraded automatically to our monthly subscription of our default best selling flavor, Daily Essentials Citrus Ginger. Visit your online portal to swap products or mix + match. Cancel anytime.

Daily Essentials Original Lemon Raspberry - soft lemon, mild tang
Daily Essentials Original Cacao - nutty, rich, sweat earth
Daily Essentials Immunity Citrus Ginger - candied ginger, bright fruit, soft spice
Calm Banana Cinnamon - warm and nutty, flambéed banana
Sleep Chocolate Cherry - hearty earth with soft tannins

• Daily Essentials Lemon Raspberry and Cacao: Daily nutrition plus energy, balance, and clarity in one bite.
• Daily Essentials Citrus Ginger: Daily nutrition plus gut health and immune support in one bite.
• Calm: A deep breath in one bite.
• Sleep: Restorative sleep in one bite.

We recommend trying one GEM bite per day. The Daily Essentials (Lemon Raspberry, Cacao, and Citrus Ginger) should be taken in the morning, like a multivitamin. Calm is recommended as a mid-day treat and Sleep is recommended 1 hour before bed.

You are able to take up to three bites per day, but if you are new to vitamins one per day is best to start out.

GEM is completely free of soy, gluten, dairy, and animal products.

Our bites do not contain nuts but they do contain coconut which is a tree nut and they are processed on shared equipment with allergens such as nuts and wheat. The equipment is sanitized in between use to eliminate cross-contamination but if you are severely allergic to an allergen listed above, please consume GEM at your own discretion.