Daily Essentials Trial

Vegan / Gluten-Free / Soy-Free / Whole Food

What It Is: Daily nutrition in one simple bite. Blend of 15+ whole food sourced vitamins, minerals, greens, and herbs to help fill the gaps in your diet. 

What It Includes: One weekly pack of Lemon Raspberry and one weekly pack of Cacao.

How It Works: 3 weeks after your trial order delivers, we’ll text you about your first restock.

Your Next Shipment: Your next shipment will default to a $55 month supply - 2 weekly packs of Lemon Raspberry and 2 weekly packs of Cacao – but you can text us back to swap with your favorite bite or cancel your restock anytime. Hassle free.

Spirulina + magnesium + ashwagandha can help promote focus, balance and full-body clarity. All around life support in one bite.

• Energy support
• Skin, nail, and hair health
• Mood and stress support

Eat one bite in either the AM or PM. Store in a cool, dry place. GEM is shelf-stable and refrigeration is not required.

GEM is completely free of soy, gluten, dairy, and animal products.

Our bites do not contain nuts but they do contain coconut which is a tree nut and they are processed on shared equipment with allergens such as nuts and wheat. The equipment is sanitized in between use to eliminate cross-contamination but if you are severely allergic to an allergen listed above, please consume GEM at your own discretion.