A Deeper Look

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Our Philosophy

GEM is designed under the simple philosophy that food is medicine. By nourishing with sustainable plant-based ingredients, we can transform both human and planetary health.

Helping you feel your best is better health for all.

Our Process

1. Real Food Formula

Today's supplements are filled with more nonsense than truth. More filler than substance. We ditched the fluff and opted for daily nutrition straight from its source: whole food.

2. Holistic Design

Our products are designed to target your specific needs while also uniquely crafted to work together to nourish the whole you.

3. Synergistic Benefits

We bring together a biodiverse system of whole foods that work together to address the multifaceted nature of our bodies.

Our philosophy and process result in kaleidoscopic health — a multifaceted approach to whole body nourishment.

An interconnected ecosystem of clean nourishment for human health and planetary wellbeing.

We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, doctors, and researchers across integrative and functional medicine, neurology, molecular biology, nutrition, and of course, food.

Uniquely designed to fit your needs. Our bites work great alone and even better together. Build your self-health system.

You Are Your
Greatest Curiosity

We believe in the constant investigation and exploration within to discover the science and nutrients that help you feel your best.

From Our Founder

I believe our health deserves better. Food today is over-farmed, over-processed, and starved of its nutrient potential and the band-aid solutions out there just don’t measure up. That’s why I designed real food, nutrient-dense bites that are whole, never refined, and deeply nourishing on a cellular level. You may think of GEM as a supplement, but it’s much more than that. GEM is your daily health companion— transparent, sustainable, and 100% real. As someone who is very sensitive to many of the artificial ingredients and fillers in traditional supplements, I wanted to create something radically different. GEM is pure nutrition and made from the very plants that transformed my health.

Sara Cullen, Founder + CEO

Meet Our Most Trusted Scientific Advisors

Our Scientific Advisory Board (S.A.B.) is a kaleidoscopic mix of the brightest leaders in the functional, integrative, and holistic medicine space.

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