Start Self-Health Kit

GEM empowers you, one bite at a time.
Self-health is your journey.
Take your first step today.


What’s included in your Start Self-Health Kit

4 packs of your chosen Daily Essential
1 free pack of Calm Booster
1 free pack of Sleep Booster
A free travel tin
Free Consultation with a Registered Dietician from Culina Health
Daily Habit Tracker + digital phone lockscreen downloads

Real Food, Real Results

100% real food ingredients, backed by a scientific advisory board of the brightest leaders in functional, integrative, and holistic medicine.

Four Week Program

Your Daily Essentials and free Booster bites will be included in your first delivery as well as thoughtful extras like a habit tracker.

Delivered To Your Door

GEM is the easiest way to get your vitamins. No mixing, blending, or waiting. Just one bite per day for daily nutrition.

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Try out Self-Health with GEM.

STEP ONE Find Your Daily Essentials

Daily Essentials

Here’s what you’ll feel:
2 Weeks
B-vitamins + spirulina for stamina and energy support
1 Month
Antioxidants and biotin boost skin/hair/nails
2 Months
Magnesium + adaptogens to support brain + mood balance
3 Months
K2, iron, + vitamin D support healthy bone + foundational health

Daily Essentials

Daily Nutrition + Energy
Gut Health
Here’s what you’ll feel:
2 Weeks
Vitamin D3 + beta glucan + zinc help with immune, brain, and foundational strength
1 Month
Consistency is key. It takes 21 days to form a healthy habit
2 Months
Prebiotics + Probiotics work together for continued digestion support
3 Months
Turmeric with citrus + spices for ongoing skin + stress support

Try Sleep and Calm For FREE

Don’t let stress or sleep throw you off your path. Calm Essentials and Sleep Essentials from GEM are booster bites to take daily or as needed.

Restorative Sleep In One Bite

A Deep Breath In One Bite

Start Self-Health Today

Why your traditional multi-vitamin isn’t cutting it

GEM is better than the isolated synthetic vitamins in pills + gummies, because it’s made from real food that your body knows how to use.


Start Self-Health Kit contains:

4 weekly packs of Daily Essential (28 bites) $55 Value
A travel tin (holds 7 bites) $5 Value
1 pack of Calm Essentials (7 bites) $15 Value
Healthy habit tracker(pdf download) $10 Value
1 pack of Sleep Essentials (7 bites) $15 Value
Phone Wallpapers(jpeg download) $5 Value

$130 Value for $55!


Frequently Asked Questions

How many GEM can I eat per day?

The recommended dose of GEM is one per day but if you need an extra boost or are craving another bite of GEM, there’s no harm in taking an extra one*!

*However, eating more than 3 bites per day is not recommended.

Do I need to eat food with GEM?

No, you don’t have to take GEM with food because it is food!

Is GEM allergen friendly?

GEM is completely free of soy, gluten, dairy, and animal products. Our bites do not contain nuts but some contain coconut which is a tree nut and they are processed on shared equipment with allergens such as nuts and wheat.

The equipment is sanitized in between use to eliminatecross-contamination but if you are severely allergic to an allergen listed above, please consume GEM at your own discretion. You can find all of our ingredients here.

Does GEM do third-party testing?

We have COA's (certificates of analysis) on all of our raw ingredients that show exactly what's in them via testing. We closely vet each of our suppliers to ensure that the product you're getting is of the highest quality.